Anti Shatter Film

Anti Shatter-Anti Blast Films (Pakistan)

Designtech Enterprises offers imported Safety & Security Anti shatter Window films for glass & windows. We provide supply & installation services all over Pakistan (Islamabad,Lahore,Peshawar,Karachi).

Anti Shatter film is a protective safety film that is applied on glass that protects the glass from shattering.

anti shatter safety window film for glass

In an event of an explosion, the windows and glass especially on the outside building area can shatter glass and turn into flying razor sharp shards. These shards travel at a very high speed and are a major cause of injury to humans and destruction of property as well. In order to mitigate these effects anti shatter film (along with other security measures) is applied on existing windows and glass. The film is tear resistant.

Benefits of Anti Shatter Film

Safety from Bomb Blasts

The bomb blast film provides safety from flying shards of glass in terrorist attack or explosion.

Adds security against forced entry

The bomb blast films that we recommend are extremely strong. In addition to protecting you in the event of a bomb blast, they provide an excellent measure to prevent a forced break-in and entry.

A burglar with the help of a sledge hammer would find it difficult to enter.

Protects against accidental collision

It happens and if you have plate/ float/ annealed/ wired glass then there is a serious risk of injury.
36% of all serious accidents to minors is due to glass. 

Save Energy and Improve Productivity of Your Staff

Take advantage of bomb blast window film with all the benefits of a heat control window film.
Heat control window films typically have a payback of 3-5 years because they improve productivity of staff and make a significant saving in your energy bills.

Reduce Fading of Interiors

Bomb blast film will block out about 95% of harmful UV light. UV is the largest contributor to fading.


anti blast film keeps glass intact


Anti Shatter Film is high tensile strength with elastic properties to with stand the intensity and pressure during explosions.

*(specification varies as per product range)*

Thickness / Gauge:

(6,7, 8, 14 mil) (single layer and micro layer)

Tensile Strength:

Upto 25000 psi

Break Strength:

Upto 350 lbs/inch

Elongation at break:



Product Range & Types of safety Window Films

Safety Window Anti Shatter Film provides safety and prevent glass shards in bomb blasts.

There are different types of Safety Windows Films having different thickess and specifications . Designtech Enterprises Supply different brands of anti shatter film (3M, Armor Coat, USA or Taiwan made).

3M Anti-Shatter Film

3M 150 Micron Anti-Shatter Film 

3M 175 Micron Anti-Shatter Film 

3M 200 Micron Anti-Shatter Film 

3M 350 Micron Anti-Shatter Film

Anti-Shatter Film 375 Micron

Armor coat Anti Shatter Film

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