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...One Stop Solutions For Your Interior Projects

Our diverse set of products and services cater to all the requirements that might arise in your interior project.

In any given Interior Project there are three main requirements.

Products Supply, Design and Build. There are a lot of different jobs and contractors involved. Materials have to be purchased and negotiation have to be done. Dealing and corresponding with different parties/contractors at your site can seem a very daunting task. Above all, the different works at site are interrelated with each other, and since so many contractors are involved it becomes really hard for the owner or end user to access and timely correct any arising problem at site. 

But When you choose us for your project. You get a single point of contact and a single source responsible for management and delivery of your project.

Since  we carry most of the works in house and have seasoned workers and staff, the chances of problems arising at site are reduced and managed well before time.

A few Reasons to Choose US

One Stop Hassle Free Service:

Designtech Enterprises offers all services under one roof.

Product Supply, Interior Design & Turnkey Contract.

Nationwide Presence:

We supply Interior Products in major cities all over Pakistan. One of our key strengths in providing Nation wide services and solutions. So you can rest assured we can provide you products supply in any corner of Pakistan.

Experience & Professionalism:

Having over 25 years of experience, we assure you that your project is handled in a very professional way.

 Reliability & Transparency:

We are your Reliable Partner and ensure Transparency throughout the project.

 Quality Management:

We are very strict in quality management. From product material selection, to interior finishes and final touches. 


Most of our products are warranted for a given time period. We even provide warranty for our services.

Timely Delivery & Convenience:

We ensure the delivery takes place within the stipulated time frame.

Trusted Supplier Network:

We have a trusted supplier network all over Pakistan.

Competetive Rates & Budget Friendly:

Being in the market since 2 decades we have greater bargaining power with all the major stake holders related to any project. Also we have simultaneous ongoing projects  which gives us additional edge over our competetors.

Our Research and analysis:

We perform our research and analysis for each site and project separately.

Team of dedicated professionals:

Most of the works are carried out in house by our team of dedicated professionals.


We believe in building long term business relations with our clients. Providing After Sales Support is one of our key strengths.

Have you made your choice, to choose us ?