Sound Proofing & Accoustic Treatment Pakistan

Hearing unwanted sounds and noise from walls, ceilings or from your neighbours house ?  Is there too much reverberation or echo in your room ? Unwanted noise or sound problems can cause huge impact and disturbance on the ambience and working environment of any office space.

Sound proofing and Acoustic Treatment has become an essential requirement for most commercial and residential areas. 

Although this process is to be taken care of at time of construction of grey structure, but sadly that is not the case.

We at Designtech Enterprises have been providing Sound Proofing & Acoustic solutions for various companies throughout Pakistan (especially in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar).

We try to use the best sound absorbing materials (having superior STC ratings) and design to accomplish sound reduction and at the same time provide energy savings insulations.

sound proofing and acoustic treatment for wall and ceiling

Frustrated by Unwanted noise.... We have a solution for you!

Sound or noise control is quiet a tricky process and most of the time it requires custom made solution to fit individual user needs.

Sound waves moves in and out through walls, windows, floor, ceiling or any cavity or air space. 

Designtech Enterprises offers you many sound reduction solutions. Its a step wise process. There is no, one solution fit all approach here.

We Suggest a solution for sound dampening and reduction using different methods such as decoupling the route/path of sound from source, using different sound dampening techniques.

The process, the materials and design varies for each project site and space constraints.

First we inquire your concern & requirement. As blocking a sound from entering or absorbing the sound require a different set of approach and solutions. 

We identify the root cause of the sound problems. Weather the sound is coming through the walls, ceiling, windows e.t.c. Is it vibrational sound ?

Identify the source of sound and flanking.  Take note of different acoustical properties such as structural, vibrational,  sound leaks. Take approximate decibel (db) reading.

Based on the findings we provide you with a few options and solutions. There is wide variety of solutions and approaches. 

Different sound proof materials and additional thick layer insulations are used to accomplish this task.

There is no one solution fit all approach here, although there are similarities in the way sound reducing is accomplished.

High and low frequency sounds require a different set of solutions. Vibrational sound might require reengineering / redesign of existing assemblies and walls, or might require decoupling.

We might suggest solutions for sound dampening and reduction using different methods such as decoupling the route/path of sound from source.

If the walls are very thin, we might use additional partition wall to create sound barrier and add additional mass to the wall.

Using noise reducing and absorption panels, green glue noise proofing compound and mass loaded vinyl. 

Proper framing systems with insulation (rockwool, foam) to control sound as well as thermal properties.

Having Fabric finish for more sound absorption

As per your budget constraints, you pick the most feasible solution.


We start fabrication of installation as per your selected solution. Applying different sound proof materials for sound absorption and reduction, catering to low and high frequency sounds. If the walls are very thin, we might use additional partition wall to create sound barrier and add additional mass to the wall. Different sound dampening and deadening techniques are used to accomplish this task.

Sound Proofing & Acoustic Products & Solutions

We provide solutions from commercial to residential spaces such as offices, auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, recording / music studios, universities, apartments rooms, e.t.c

Our customized solutions include the following:

Sound proofing Window: 

Double pane glaze windows (with gaskets) provide more efficient sound and thermal properties. Filled with special gas or vacuum space. Rust and weather proof material. We offer variety of glass partitions as well.

Sound proofing Door:

Thick solid core door is always suitable, using weather stripping in doors is effective and cost effective method for blocking unwanted sound and noise.

Different finishes are available including laminate, veneer, ply, e.t.c.

Studio Sound Proofing:

Do you require to built a studio for voice or video recording? We have got that covered.

Sound Proof Walls

If you have low height walls or your walls are not providing sufficient sound proofing. Give us a call and we will provide you with a solution.

Sound Proof Partitions

If you want to create different partitions in your office and require privacy in a small area. Sound Proof Partitions is the right choice.

We have a range of Glass Partition Solutions as well.

Sound Proof Ceiling

We have different ready made and custom made solutions for acoustic ceiling. View our Ceiling Product Range.

Noise Barriers

Do you require to create a noise or sound barrier between source of noise and your office/home ?

Acoustic Treatment

Using acoustic sound absorbing fabric panels to reduce echo and increase vocal sound quality and clarity.

Wood or Stainless Steel Acoustic Solutions

We fabricate perforated panels using stainless steel material (fire proof).

Pre made Panels

Pre made Panels of different sizes are available (Sizes: 4’x8′, 4’x4′, 2’x4′)

Custom Made Solution

Do you require some custom made noise control solution or sound proof enclosures ?

Designtech Enterprises provides you with a solution specifically tailored to your needs, and also advise you accordingly.

Quality of Materials Used

The quality of materials that we use are within standardization.

Based on client requirements and type of system we fabricate, we use materials having fire resistance (Flammability Class 1 depending on system and type), moisture and water resistance properties. Insulations such as rockwool, glasswool, foam panels are also available. Thermal insulations are also available.

Mass loaded vinyl can be applied but is subject to availability.

We also try to use environment friendly materials in most of our solutions.

The fabric we use in our projects in guaranteed for 5 years against any defect or color fade.

The materials used are of best quality and we provide added warranty based on type of project.

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