Partition Solutions Pakistan (Office & Home)

(Supply & Installation)


Designtech Enterprises offers complete range of partition systems suitable for offices and residential space (homes/appartments). We Design complete customized partitioning system layout for your existing or new office.

Easy to install, modular, economical for small and large offices. We provide partition solutions all over in Pakistan including major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

Partitions or room dividers are used to create and separate spaces between any given area and increase workability. The support is provided by side walls, floor on the ceiling slab. Small Partitions allow individual working areas for office employees.

Partitions Systems can be used in variety of places such as Offices, Schools, Hospitals & all Commercial/Residential spaces.

Types of Partitions

Partitions comes in different varieties, for e.g Glass / Aluminum Partitions, Wood and Fabric Partitions. 

Weather its a cubicle partition for office or a wall partition between two rooms or a desk divider. There are different designs of partitions based on clients needs and depending on space constraints. For e.g L- T Shape Partition, Folding / Sliding Partition / Movable Partitions, e.t.c.

We provide the following partition range:

Glass / Aluminum Partitions

Standard 5mm/8mm/12mm Glass  Partitions with Aluminum Channels. Customized as per client requirements.

Wooden Partitions

Designtech Enterprises offers variety of wooden partitions.

Sound Proof Partitions

We offer sound proofing and acoustic partitions and solutions.

Low Height / Full Height Partitions

We offer varitey of low & full height partitions for all kinds of offices and commercial spaces.

Customized Partitions

There are different types and designs of customized partitions we make, as per client requirements, needs and space constraints.

Customized partitions can be a mix of different types of partitions and materials (for e.g wood, drywall, gypsum, glass, fabric, hollow glass blocks or customized as per your need).

(If you have just shifted to your new office, we can provide you a new setup and revamp service for your office.

Quality of Materials Used

We are very strict in quality control for all our products used and assure standardization throughout  our solutions.

There are different framing systems for e.g GI frames or wooden frame depending on the type of partition design. (Please refer to product type for details).

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