Glass & Aluminum Partition Solutions Pakistan

Designtech Enterprises offers a variety of customized Aluminum & Glass Partitions based on client requirements.

One of the biggest advantages of glass partitions is quick and tidy installation. It also is very thin and hence it occupies very little space, creating more workspace for your office.

glass partition with aluminum channels and door

12MM Glass Partition

12mm tampered glass panel partitions using thick 12mm best quality glass (local/imported) with Anodized Aluminum Channels (Silver, Champagne,  Brown colour).

8MM Glass Partition

8mm glass paritions using 8mm glass with Aluminum  Channels.

5MM Glass Partition

5mm Glass Partitions with Aluminum framing used for partitions and doors.

Glass Doors

Glass doors with full height and side fix panels.

Glass Partition Designs

Designtech Enterprises offers variety of glass partition designs. For e.g frosted glass, wired or hollow glass block, etched glass, pasted frosted film or coloured glass.

For exterior Glass partition we also provide frameless spider type glass partitions.

Channels and Framing

We have variety of options for framing which includes anodized aluminum channels.

These channels have different thickness and guages ranging from 1.5mm to 3.5mm depending on design and structure requirements.

We also make custom made solid wood sections to cater different size requirements.

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