HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Raised access Floor Tiles

Most equipment & computer rooms have a surface covering known as High Pressure Laminate(HPL). HPL has become the standard in equipment & computer room design because of its ease of maintenance and its unique ability to dissipate static electricity. These Tiles are widely used all over Pakistan.

hpl access flooring tile

Areas of Application:

Offices, Data Centers, Computer Rooms, Lobbys, e.t.c.


HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Anti Static Tiles are factory bonded. Having highly compressed chipboard. The Bottom side is covered with galvanized steel sheet for reinforcement the load bearing capacity. The edges are sealed with a special edge trim for moisture control. These tiles are static control and fire resistant(15 to 45 minutes on 1000 degree centigrade depending on type).




Range from 32mm to 40mm

Floor Coverings: 

Only HPL covering available currently (customized floor coverings can be applied on request also).

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