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Anti Shatter Film Anti Blast Film 375 Micron


DESIGNTECH ENTERPRISES offers  Anti-Shatter Films :


Supply & Installatin of LLUMAR (USA)  ANTI SHATTER FILM BLAST FILMS (Glass protection film / Safety Security Window Film)
375 Micron Anti-Shatter Film (USA).

LLumar Safety and Security Films help protect commercial and residential buildings from forced entry, bomb blast, and acid-etch graffiti. These strong films also provide enhanced glass retention during natural disaster events like hurricanes, windstorms, and earthquakes, and help to reduce injury and property damage resulting from accidental glass impacts.

LLumar films are optically clear and are made with thick, heavy-duty polyester. LLumar safety and security films provide a clear – yet powerful – barrier that holds glass in place in the event of an impact or earthquake.
LLumar safety films meet the toughest industry standards in the United States, Europe and around the world, so you can trust that you’re using a product that works. And because it is , you won’t even know it's there – until you need it.

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